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Our website  contained an information line and dedicated services to the family. Our mission is to inform, assist and highlight different aspects of the city and how we can use this  in our daily lives as parents, children and citizens of Doral, offering a place for expression and communication.
Here you will find updated information on everything that happens at Doral, as well as, news of interest to parents led by specialists in the field and known in the city.
Our website serves as a support to all parents and children to interact with us and discuss, report or seek help for problems that occur in this community …

Editor in Chief

  • Ettore Sabatella


  • Sandra Figueiredo


  • Maria Alejandra Pulgar
  • Grecia Morales
  • Dr. A. De Diego
  • Antonella Stelluto
  • Maria Sabatella
  • Mike Rodriguez
  • William Echeverria
  • Jairo Velasquez
  • Erika Angulo
  • Jackie Zambrano

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